ESTO 3 - three equal payments

ESTO 3 payment method - calculate the cost of your shopping cart into three equal payments without paying any additional fees!

Use ESTO 3 payment methods when paying for products or services - divide the cost of your shopping cart into three equal payments, without paying any additional fees!

Add products to the cart, confirm your order and choose ESTO 3 as the payment method and digitally sign conveniently with the Smart-ID solution.

· If you pay the cost of your shopping cart in full and on time within three months, no extra charge will be added.

· The monthly fee is divided into three equal parts when dividing the cost of the shopping cart.

· The minimum cart amount when using ESTO 3 is 60 EUR.

· All citizens of the Republic of Estonia aged 18-70 can apply for ESTO 3.

 Terms of ESTO 3 payment method

 The service provider of ESTO 3 payment methods is ESTO AS. Using a payment method is a financial decision and involves risks and obligations, which is why we ask you to think carefully about the need to consume loan products. The ESTO 3 credit cost rate is 0% under the following model conditions: interest 0% per annum, no fees.

If you are unable to make payments according to the ESTO 3 schedule, your ESTO 3 agreement will terminate and your debt to ESTO AS will be considered as a credit used under the ESTO overdraft agreement and surcharges will be added according to the overdraft agreement.

ESTO 3 service provider is ESTO AS.


Phone: (+372) 622 52 52


Within Estonia, DPD Pickup and Omniva parcel terminal from 39€ purchase.